workshop on gender equality advocacy


This call is to select 24 representatives of civil society organizations working in favor of gender equality (hereafter, organizations) based in the southern Mediterranean to participate in a workshop scheduled in Morocco in April 2016 to improve their skills to carry out advocacy actions

Place and date: From 4 to 9 of April 2016 in Morocco.

Deadline: January 8, 2016

Who can apply:

Be from Algeria, Egypt, Jordon, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine,Tunisia.

a. Profile of the CSO: civil society organizations whose activity in the field of gender equality is real and

b. Commitment of the CSO to develop advocacy and monitoring of gender equality-related policies and
currently with low capacity to develop these actions;
c. Commitment of the CSO to actively contribute to a process of exchange of information and networking
in the long term with other organizations from the region pursuing similar advocacy objectives;
d. Geographical situation of the CSO: the project will endeavour to balance the origin of the organizations
as much as possible and ensure that most of them are located outside the capitals or big cities;

e. Topic of the advocacy actions: the CSO WINS project aims to support advocacy actions in several fields
of women’s life: political, economic, social and cultural;
f. Representativeness of the candidate within the CSO: due to his/her function and/or time of service, the
candidate has sufficient legitimacy and knowledge to introduce changes in the CSO;
g. Commitment of the candidate to pass the skills acquired onto his/her organization and actively
participate in all the project’s activities (see point 3 of the call);
h. Languages: good command of Arabic or French or English is essential.

Women’s applications are encouraged; however, those from men are not excluded.

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