YO PEACE Camp 2016 in Taza, Morocco

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Deadline:  July 13th, 2016.

Duration: 26th to 29th jully,2016.

Venue: TAZA

About the camp:

YO PEACE is an organization by youth and for youth that aims to empower young people and make them active in their communities. It provides a good orientation with unique ways to help develop these young people’s future skills in order to identify problems within their communities and collaboratively find a solution to them. It assists young people in critical observation of the world around them, as well as provides them with a unique positive perspective on the world.

YO PEACE brings together youth from all social and economical backgrounds, from all types of education and with a wide range of mindsets, to find solutions for sustainable peace in their communities.

نحن جمعية شبابية، تهدف إلى تقوية و تعزيز فعل الشباب داخل المجتمع، و ذلك بمساعدتهم على تحسين توجههم سواء في دراستهم أو في حياتهم اليومية بطرق مختلفة و تكوينات متنوعة في مختلف المجالات، تساعد الشباب على تحديد أهدافهم و توضيحها مدركين لما يدور حولهم من أحداث و وقائع داخل المجتمع، بتعزيز روح التغيير بداخلهم و التفاؤل بغد أفضل لهم و لمجتمعهم.

Who can aply:

  • Are you aged between 15-22 years old.
  • Are you  Moroccan
  • Are you a young change-maker with creative ideas, motivation and thrive to positively impact your community.


How to apply:

Fill in the application form in English or in Arabic

Best of lcuk.