Young Leaders Visitors Programme (YLVP)

Participants from previous runs of YLVP. Photo: Aline Lessner and Martin Edström

Deadline is 5 December 2016

Who can apply:

To apply you have to:

  • be an NGO leader, legal worker, journalist, social worker, cultural worker, social entrepreneur, civil servant, youth politician or in another type of leadership role
  • work actively for democracy, sustainability, diversity and/or human rights
  • be between 22 and 32 years old (born 1984 – 1995)
  • have a good working knowledge of both written and spoken English
  • be a citizen of Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine*, Sweden, Syria, Tunisia or Yemen.

About the program:

The YLVP programme is leadership training within the context of working for an equal and sustainable society. Participants will learn in group from both experts within the field and from each other.

The contents of the programme will vary from year to year as it is the particular expertise and experience of participants that will largely determine the topics. However, the following broader subjects will be central to the programme: equality, sustainability, transparency, democracy and human rights. Problem-solving will involve discussions on global and/or common challenges, network building and digital tools.

YLVP goals 

YLVP aims to support young leaders in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and Sweden by giving them the tools and methods they need in their work for an equal and sustainable society. YLVP is as much about personal as it is about professional development. It is about growing as a person with renewed confidence and insights, and growing as a leader with new tools, methods and perspectives.

Even though the programme focuses on networks and collaboration, one of the most fundamental tools is gaining personal insights and self-awareness as a leader, a change-maker and a person. Participants will discover how they work in a group, and how their behaviours and attitudes can be used to support the group and the process.

Understanding how one is as a person and how one works in a group will make the individual a more effective team member and leader. Gaining greater understanding of the environment and issues on a local, regional and global level will make participants more effective at accomplishing social change.

Taking part in YLVP also means becoming a part of an alumni network that offers the opportunity to exchange ideas and multiply your impact. The YLVP network is very much alive and active. It consists of YLVP alumni who continue to support each other’s personal and professional development and collaborate on social issues.

The programme relies heavily on collaboration and learning from each other. It also explores the current digital landscape, and the social media sessions during YLVP offers participants tools and perspectives to use social media more effectively in their work.

How to apply:

  • Fill in the application form
  • Register in the website   *A complete application consists of:
    • a completed application form in English, including your contact details and the contact details of two reference persons;
    • an updated CV in English;
    • a letter of recommendation* (no more than 500 words) from a person who knows your work in the areas of democracy or human rights. The letter should motivate your participation in the programme with reference to the YLVP criteria; the letter should preferably be in English but could also be submitted in French or Arabic. We prefer that you use our template for the letter of recommendation, but it’s not compulsory. Templates are available in English, French and Arabic;
    • a photo (not compulsory).

For any question, contact here

for more details, visit the official website.

Best of luck.