The 2017 Study of the United States Institute For Student Leaders on Women’s Leadership

Deadline is Friday, December 25, 2015 at midnight, GMT

About the program:

This particular institute is open ONLY to Moroccan female applicants.

Program dates are June and July 2016 – specific dates will come soon.

The application deadline is Sunday, December 25, 2016.  No late applications will be accepted.

The U.S. Embassy in Morocco is pleased to announce the call for applications for the 2017 Study of the U.S. Institute for Student Leaders on Women’s Leadership.

Who can apply:

Applicants for this exchange program are expected to be highly motivated undergraduate students from universities, or other schools and institutions of higher education in Morocco, who demonstrate leadership through their academic work, community involvement, extracurricular activities and interest in Women’s Leadership issues, with little or no prior experience in the United States or elsewhere outside their home country.

The competition is open to all female applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • be female aged between 18 and 25 years of age;
  • be proficient in English;
  • have a sustained high level of academic achievement, as indicated by grades, awards, and teacher recommendations;
  • demonstrate strong leadership qualities and potential in their university and community activities;
  • demonstrate commitment to community and extracurricular university activities;
  • have at least one year left of their undergraduate studies, and therefore be committed to return to their home universities following completion of the program;
  • be interested in the topic of Women’s Leadership;
  • indicate a serious interest in learning about the United States;
  • have little or no prior study or travel experience in the United States or elsewhere outside of their home country;
  • be mature, responsible, independent, confident, open-minded, tolerant, thoughtful, and inquisitive;
  • be willing and able to fully participate in an intensive academic program, community service, and educational travel; and,
  • be comfortable with campus life, prepared to share living accommodations, and able to make adjustments to cultural and social practices different from those of their home country.

To apply fill in the online application.

for more invitation, visit the official websites.